2. My Callisto Momentz: December 2013

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Jesus Is My All In All

Today its Christmas, Everyone goes to the church to celebrate Jesus Birthday with their family and friend.. On this same day a girl entered the church, grabbed a pew and sat quietly having no one besides her, no friends, no family and no near and dear ones, only eyes full of tears and heart full of pain. She stared at the statue of Jesus, It felt like each and every movement of her pupils were asking so many questions to God..

Why I am alone today?
Where are my friends?
Where is the person who says he loves me?
Where is the person who claims that he is there for me?
Where are the people who pretend to be in her thick and thin?

as these questions came out of her heart, her eyes sparkled..sparkled with tears.. giving her support and whispering into her ears to let them come out, enforcing her to flow away her pain through them with a promise that her grief will become less.

She took out a tissue, held it at the corner of her eyes and went against what her tears were telling her to do.. she did not let them come out, she gathered herself again and stares at the statues, She is feeling something shattering down inside her but she wanted to ignore it , she ain't wanna cry!
At that moment something happened, She stared at the corner of the Church pillar, It felt like she was talking to someone...She was intending to communicate with something, something strange which was erasing her pains for the moment, I guess she saw something which gives her the strength to hold herself back and again fight with her worry and woes.. She smiles and get off the pew, wipes her tear again before it comes out. This time She looked content, she looked happy, She looked satisfied as in someone had given all the answers of her questions... she was not the same person at all who had entered the Church.. That spark was there again.. but this time it had a different aspect, the spark had already changed its way from her eyes to her face. She left the Church as quietly as she had entered. Ya'll must be as curious to know what was that which cast a spell on her, As the way I was curious too what was THAT thing which turns her face from sad to happy..???

       The answer had got tears in my eyes, made my tongue so numb. I felt so pure by heart. There was a shiver which ran down inside me. Something which filled me with hope, joy, happiness, contentedness. Something which inspired me to believe in the sanctity of Churches. My Dear Friends, The corner of the church pillar where the girl was staring , She saw nothing but only A Frame which had a picture of a Jesus holding his arms outstretched and looking peacefully at the person whoever looks at'em. There was something written on it which I think was the only and the best answer for all the questions of that girl and sometimes its all of us who go through the pain of life

"Jesus Is My All In All"

This was the line which had given that girl a new hope to live, new hope to smile and a new hope to be happy even when there is no one beside her.. I think those lines were few but very true.. I have hope in Jesus, Do You..?

                                                             Merry Christmas To Ya'll!!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Oh Shit!!!

I am such a bitch!! stupid, idiot and so unorganised!! Shea!!
I do not have my own lappy... I use my office's PC to blog... sneakingly! So today I was writing my post and the topic was so touchy that I went writing on and on and on... Generally I do that and when any senior comes I switch the screen to my report page so that when they come to check they find me working... (I am so clever, whatever) I blog what comes in my mind instantly. Like others, I don't ponder about what should be my blog topic or title or what should I write in my post which will attract more reader.. nah!! I said it in my introduction post before that "I will speak my heart out to ya'll" So with that thought in my mind I was penning down my thoughts. I was so engaged in my post that I could barely noticed my senior on the floor.. Suddenly I noticed him coming towards my table to check with me... I was sooooooooooooooo soooooooooo so damn  flummoxed by his approach to me that unknowingly I started tapping my fingers on the keyboard and holding my mouse from left to right so abruptly and my eyes on that senior at the same time and theeeeeen.... what the efff!!! I deleted my post my pressing Ctrl Z and to make it more worst I had find myself in a home page of google!! Arrrggghhh!!! I had NO option of getting my post back even pressing Ctrl Y , buhuhuhuhuhuhu!!! :( I felt so sorry for myself for being so dumb at that moment... but no use cuz "jo ho gaya so ho gaya" (what's done cannot be undone). I wish I'd had Ginnie who can fulfil my 3 wishes at this moment... I'd asked him....
                            1) Please get my deleted post back to me!

                            2) Please get my deleted post back to me!

                            3) Please get my deleted post back to me!


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Love Me Or Hate Me.....

         Y'all might be thinking why suddenly posting of this song has appeared in here... Its becuz i am too influenced with this song at the moment.... i wanna feel the sovereignty  in my life now though it has erupted very lately in me.... but "Jab Jage Tab Hi Savera" (Its Better Late Than Never)... now I have opened my eyes to this new world where I will do whatever I like and live however I want to... I am done with being fake it till you make it...my goodbyes to my old stinging memories.....
woohoooo!!! Say HELLO to the New World !!

                                      Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession.
                                      Love me or hate me, that is the question.
                                               If you love me then thank you!
                                               If you hate me then fuck you!